Centrifuges are already standard for many diesel engine types. Because of the high rotor speed (up to 10,000 rpm, depending on the size), the resulting centrifugal force (greater than 3,000g) causes the impurities to migrate to the outside where they form a dense layer on the inner wall of the rotor. The compacted impurities are then simply removed with an inserted paper liner.

For over 50 years the MANN+HUMMEL centrifuge has proved to be the key factor in reducing component wear whilst increasing the oil and engine life cycle. Through close collaboration with over 40 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in as many years, MANN+HUMMEL has gained an in-depth understanding of customer requirements. This wealth of experience has helped to further develop a product that is not only easy to install on existing applications, but also provides a cleanable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly solution throughout the life span of the engines.