MESPAS Cloud Advantage

Itís the most innovative way of delivering computing resources to the shipping industry. Efficient, scalable, and offering predictable, low costs.

White Paper on Saas in the Maritime Industry

Check out our White Paper ďSaaS in the maritime industryĒ. The paper explores the pros and cons of SaaS, and takes a snapshot at how SaaS may serve to improve technical management in the shipping industry.

6 Benefits of MESPAS cloud computing

Keep your costs in check
Using the mespas R5 software means you donít need to run your own server infrastructure for your technical fleet management system. This reduces your capital and operational expenses.

Since the software is run on a subscription basis (software as a service), your expenses become transparent and predictable.

The costs for running the central hardware is spread across all users of the system, making the mespas R5 system far more cost-efficient than maintaining your own server infrastructure.

Improve efficiency
All relevant people have access to the same up-to-date information (technical information, work instructions, manuals, supplier infos, etc.), and the software is easy-to-use. This improves efficiency by leaps.

Reduce time & costs spent on IT
The software is maintained and updated centrally at MESPAS. You donít need to worry about central hardware (server), security, backups, and IT personnel for the technical management software.

Speed of deployment
Adding or removing vessels is a matter of days or weeks, and not months. Save time while scaling up, and save money by scaling down when additional resources are no longer needed. Your company becomes more agile and flexible.

Central data storage, accessible by all relevant people
Master data (OEM data, manuals, spare parts, etc.) is provided by MESPAS on the central server. Your own business data is kept securely on the central server. Itís accessible by all relevant stakeholders via the Internet.

You own your data, but you donít need to own the central server. All you need is standard IT equipment, an internet connection (office) or ship/shore connection (vessel), as well as the mespas Cube. The Cube was developed to enable the secure operation of the software aboard the vessel, and to enable multi-user functionality for the crews.

Generate your own KPI reports or choose from standard reports
Since data is stored in one secure place, it becomes comparable: across your products, vessels, or across the entire company. With real-time data at your fingertips you are able to monitor KPIs across the fleet, and thus make informed decisions.

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