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Data protection declaration
Modern information and communication technology plays an ever increasing role for organisations such as DIMAR-TEC PTE LTD. We take the protection of our customers' private spheres and all personal data passed on to us very seriously. The observance of the conditions of the Federal Data Protection Act is a matter of course. In the following, we inform you of which data we, i.e. DIMAR-TEC PTE LTD, collect and store and how we process this stored data. What sort of personal data do we collect, store and process? You can visit our Web sites without submitting any personal data. We only receive the name of your Internet service provider, the Web site that you use to access our services and the specific DIMAR-TEC site that you visit. Personal data is only collected and processed if you use specific services. More specific details of exactly which data is required are given in the menu.

For what purpose do we collect, store and process personal data?
Because we are constantly striving to improve both our services and your experience of our Web site, the aforementioned general data is statistically evaluated. For this purpose we are always interested in your personal opinion and your personal circumstances. For this reason you may be requested at certain times for additional information. This is voluntary information, which is, of course, treated with utmost confidentiality. If you decide to take advantage of the services we offer, we generally only collect the specific data that we need for the provision of the services that you require. Insofar as we request additional information, this is given voluntarily. Personal data is processed for the sole purpose of providing the services you require and in order to safeguard our own justifiable business interests.

Is personal data passed on to third parties?
We only pass your data on to third parties insofar as this is absolutely necessary for the provision of the services you require. Furthermore, we will not disclose or transfer your personal data to other companies or organisations, nor will we sell or market your personal data in any other way unless we have your express written consent to do so. This does not apply in the event that we are obliged to disclose and/or transfer your personal data as a result of the provisions of the law or a corresponding court judgement.

We use cookies in certain areas of our Web site. These constitute answerback codes that allow us to individually present the services we offer to you during your visit. We do not use cookies in order to collect personal data. If you would like to be informed about the use of cookies via your browser or if you would like to exclude the use of cookies, you should activate the relevant browser settings.

Personal data relating to children is not knowingly collected or processed in any form. As a rule we are not aware of the age of visitors to our Web site. However, we have not taken any specific steps to specifically protect any such data.

We have taken technical and organisational steps to protect all personal data supplied by you against loss, destruction, manipulation and unauthorised access. All of our employees and any third parties involved with the processing of this data are obliged to strictly observe the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act and to treat your data with the utmost of confidentiality at all times.

We reserve the right to change this declaration at any time. This declaration does not constitute a contractual or other binding agreement with or at the request of any party.