System Requirements

Easy-to-meet requirements

The mespas R5 software is easy to use and manage, and it can be installed on virtually any standard IT equipment. The system is fully java-based.

To work with the mespas R5 software system, all you need is standard IT equipment, an internet connection (office) or ship/shore connection (vessel), as well as the mespas Cube. The Cube was developed to ensure the robust and secure operation of mespas R5 on board the vessel, and to enable multi-user functionality for the crews. Both the mespas R5 software and the mespas Cube are easy to install and operate.

You own your data. But you donít need to own central server hardware. Software updates, new releases as well as additional master data are distributed with minimal effort via the mespas central database. This is part of what we call the cloud advantage.

Easy-to-meet requirements


  • Runs on standard IT equipment
  • No central server hardware necessary
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Easy synchronization
  • Premier data quality

  • Minimal requirements on board the vessel

  • Ship Shore connection, TCP/IP (MPDS) or email with attachment functionality
  • mespas Cube (provided by MESPAS)
  • PC with at least the following characteristics:
    Pentium IV, 3 Ghz
    XP, Vista or Windows 7
    1.0 GB free hard disk drive
    2.0 GB RAM
    15Ē screen with 1024 ◊ 768 pixel monitor resolution
    10/100 Mbit/s (RJ45) Ethernet LAN

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