MESPAS Technical Fleet Management Software

Concept and Software Solution

Technical fleet management software as Software as a Service (SaaS)

The mespas R5 software solution covers all major functionalities in terms of technical fleet management: asset management, procurement, and crew management. But there’s more: with mespas R5 we offer the first and only system based on cloud computing in the maritime industry, allowing Software as a Service.

The Concept

Office staff access the central database, containing the entire fleet’s information, in real-time through a secure internet connection – no matter when and where they are located.

Crews aboard the vessels work offline by accessing the database on board, which is mirrored to the central server’s database ashore. Regular synchronization of data as well as information ensures that both ship and shore work with the same up-to-date information.

Suppliers will receive requests for quotations as well as purchase orders via the same mespas R5 platform. Working with only one central database is the basis for efficient information flow and offers transparency, e. g. on the status of purchase requests or purchase orders.


Lower costs
  • minimized IT costs and eliminated IT system maintenance
  • streamlined work processes
  • transparent pricing and predictable low costs

  • Save time
  • fast and simple system integration
  • minimal training needs
  • flexible and scalable system

  • Improve efficiency
  • easy to use, highly accepted by crews
  • complete and high quality data
  • meaningful reports for vessel or across fleet at your fingertips

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