MESPAS Tanker Management Self Assessment - TMSA II

Web-based TMSA tool to help tanker operators improve their operations - and TMSA scores

TMSA is no longer nice-to-have, it has become a necessity for tanker operators. Our TMSA II tool was developed to assist ship operators assess and improve their practices and management systems.

The software measures your own management system against key performance indicators (KPIs). It tracks performance and improvements against best practices, and provides the information to dedicated stakeholders.

The MESPAS TMSA tool encourages ship operators to assess their safety management systems against pre-defined performance indicators. The results of these assessments can then be used to develop an improvement plan, so as to achieve operational safety, quality and environmental excellence.


  • Web-based recording
  • Real-time performance evaluation based on 4 stages
  • Automatic calculation and depiction of TMSA scores
  • Single point of access to valuable information
  • Integrated with Document Management System and Reporting Engine

  • Benefits

  • Eliminate uncertainty
  • Track improvements
  • Demonstrate focus on safety and operational excellence
  • Redirect your company’s focus on key management issues

  • TMSA II tool was developed to meet requirements by ISM Code, and to help operators demonstrate their commitment to safety and environmental excellence. TMSA II is part of our Asset Management product.

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