Viscosity Control Solutions
-Upgrade - Replacement- New Installation -

Benefits of replacement

  • retrofit solution for existing viscosity system components:
    • direct installation at the old position without piping modification
    • retrofit adapters allow a time and cost efficient
      replacement process without welding work
    • control cabinets tailored to vessel conditions for minimum
      cabling work
    • all components are class type approved, tested and calibrated

  • recent developments in the field of sensors:
    • maintenance free equipment
    • support the need for fuel data quality tracking throughout the engine's service life time
    • optional density measurement

Nowadays threats in HFO handling

  • Operational challenges with HFO viscosity measurement:
    • Costly 3rd party maintenance on board with pneumatic controls
    • Regular cleaning
    • Variation of fuel quality
    • Temperature control does not guarantee proper viscosity

  • New international rules & regulations are on the rise:
    • 0.1 % limit of sulphur content in the Baltic and Northern Sea
    • 0.5 % limit of sulphur content until 2020 in the rest of the world
      → require more frequent changes between fuel types
      → thermal stress caused by different fuel temperature may damages engine and injection system
      → wrong temperature leading to insufficient viscosities causes high friction and sudden damages


"You can not control, what you don't measure!"

Scheme of Standard Controller Stream/Thermal Oil
Standard controller stream/thermal oil

Technical specifications:

  • 4-20 mA input for Viscosity
  • PT100 inputs for Temperature
  • Indication of MDO/HFO operation
  • Common alarm output for Viscosity/Temperature
  • Relay output for control valve
  • Power supply 100-240V 50/60 Hz
  • 3.8" touch screen control panel
  • optional 3.8" touch screen
    for remote control
  • price range: from 5000 €

different adapter for the viscometer

Different retrofit adapters

installed Viscometer

Installed viscometer in retrofit adapter