About Us

DIMAR-TEC Pte. Ltd. concentrates to specialize in preventive and predictive maintenance solutions for all diesel engine types in the Marine, Offshore and Power Generation industries.

With our principals manufacturing in Germany and Switzerland we ensure highest quality standards.

We provide technical services and product application support required to optimize the performance of diesel engines as well as for complete vessel operations.

We are very confident that we can show ways to improve working conditions, reducing downtime and maintenance costs thereby SAVING valuable dollars for the operations.

DIMAR-TEC Pte. Ltd. provides state-of-the art solutions to improve the fuel treatment, monitor fuel and lub oil consumption as well as general vessel performance.

Further DIMAR-TEC Pte. Ltd. can provide the most cost efficient measurement devices and systems for Condition Based Maintenance processes.

"Our aim is to provide Friendly Support and Honest and Reliable Service for the satisfaction of our clients."

Our Mission

Innovation, technical understanding and competence are key motivators for all our employees to provide outstanding products and services to our clients. Open work culture and continuous training ensure performance progression and able our Organization to handle ever changing daily work challenges.

Our Vision

To be the first choice of our customers At the optimum. Anytime. Anywhere.

We aim to be a one-stop solution provider to the marine industry providing a cost and environmental effective solution specializing in:

  • performance optimization for vessels and fleet
  • condition based maintenance and monitoring of diesel engines
  • inspection, servicing and repair of lifeboats and davits

Our Quality Policy

Quality is in the eye of the customer we must understand our customer's needs and meet them at every point of the process.

Safety is our first priority during all operations to protect life, environment and the assets of our customers.

According to our environmental philosophy, we shall reduce usage of hard copies wherever possible.

Quality depends on each employee. Every team member needs to:

  • act responsibly
  • fulfill promises
  • communicate openly
  • pro-actively develop solutions
  • respond timely and efficiently
  • continuously improve to achieve total internal and external customer satisfaction.

We commit to comply with ISO 9001 requirements including establishing and reviewing of quality objectives.

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