Cylinder Pressure Analysis

Electronic Cylinder Pressure Indicator

  • provides useful graphical analysis for troubleshooting engine condition and optimization of the engine performance
  • monitoring of engine parameters and fuel quality for condition-based and preventive maintenance
  • reduce unnecessary downtime and expensive maintenance cost
  • reduction of fuel consumption due to optimized timing
  • in most cases, the cost of an electronic cylinder pressure indicator recovered within 1-2 months
There are a number of information sources available to indicate the working conditions of a diesel engine. These are, for example, the exhaust gas temperatures, the charge air pressure and the cylinder fuel rack position. These parameters are only indirectly affected by the combustion revealing hints for possible error sources.

To gain real knowledge of the engine condition, it is of highest importance to analyze the combustion process. To do so, the one and only available measuring parameter is the cylinder pressure.

Only the cylinder pressure over time supplies the direct information about the combustion performance and indicates the possible required adjustment corrections as well as upcoming maintenance work on the engine. With this information, a marine engineer or engine specialist can schedule the necessary actions without delay.

An electronic indicator does exactly this job of measuring the combustion pressure in diesel and gas engines for the marine and power generating markets. It operates with a load cell-based pressure sensor which enables pressure measurements up to 250-bar. It is a mobile, simple, reliable and robust unit for daily routine diagnosis.