Easy installation, usage and synchronization

Managing the IT-side of a technical fleet management system on board of a vessel can be somewhat of a challenge. Installing a server, maintaining it, and implementing stringent back-up procedures, all these are tasks which require profound IT knowledge.

MESPAS accounts for the rough environment and the limited IT knowledge on board of vessels by introducing the mespas Cube. The mespas Cube is an offshore server (small industrial design PC) with no moving parts, compact and handy as an external hard disk. It comes pre-configured with the vessel-specific database and the mespas R5 software.

The crew simply connects the mespas Cube to the network on board. Everything is pre-installed, all configuration will be done automatically. Also, synchronization between ship and shore can easily be automated.


The mespas Cube ensures the robust and secure operation of mespas R5 on board the ship.

Professional solution with mespas Cube

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