Dimar-Tec Pte. Ltd.

Energy Efficiency Controller with Frequency Inverter (EEC-FI)
- An easy way to become more energy efficient -

EEC-FI is supported under the Green Technology Programme by MPA

Further success for Dimar-Tec's EEC-FI system; based on the outstanding energy saving results of our new EEC-FI, MPA - Marine & Port Authority of Singapore - include our system in their Green Technology Programme. This programme been launched to encourage companies registered in Singapore to develop and adopt green technologies. For Singapore-registered companies the programme offers a 50% co-funding for the EEC-FI system to be installed on your Singapore registered ships. This means you can halve the ROI on our technology.

Your vessels are not registered in Singapore, are either small or big? It does not matter, the simplicity of our technology and cost-efficient installation process ensures payback between 6-18 months! Get your fleet greener!

Contact us for your vessel-specific budget offer!

For visualization of this great opportunity see the example of a 47.600 GRT tanker:

The facts and important points you may wish to note:

  • Fuel Savings:
    Guaranteed and very significant - fleet-wide (new and existing ships)
  • Safety:
    Not harmful to existing operation and no extra work for crew
  • Installation:
    Easily without affecting ship's operation
  • Investment:
    Low capital outlay with ROI within 6~18 months. *Halved with MPA co-funding”
  • Results :
    Considerable energy savings by proven technology in many industries
  • Set Back :
    Not deciding to start immediately or procrastinating without any real reason
  • Opportunities:
    For Sea / Cooling Water Pumps, Engine Room fans


See detailed information about the Green Technology Programme here